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Assignment of Real Estate Research

One contact that works for YOU.
An exclusive ongoing relationship with the customer and the professional.

The real estate research is a dedicated and reserved service addressed to:

  • those who want to buy a house but they have little time for the necessary research;
  • those who are tired of the limited information received and view a property that doesn't meet their expectations;
  • those who are far from the geographical area of their interest and want to see in one trip the greatest amount of properties in accordance with their needs, but above all;
  • YOU​ that want to feel pampered and served while you are making one of the largest investment of your life.

The assignment of real estate search is the right solution for you.


  • A meeting will be scheduled by telephone or face to face depending on your availability in order to give you the opportunity to describe the property of your dreams. Consequently we will translate your description in a "grid" of features, considering the investment and the more appropriate formula , geographical location, size, amenities of the property and neighboring services (businesses, schools, public transport etc.);
  • Feasibility analysis and evaluation of the time required to achieve the objective will be made according to your requirements / needs of the real estate;
  • We will prepare a budget taking into account all the costs associated with the purchase of the property (fees, notary fees, taxes etc.);
  • All these services are free and without obligation. If you like our work ACTION, then an assignment will be prepared to make the real estate search, and carried out by our pre-visits in order to explore the properties that match your criteria agreed with you.


  • Our ability in knowing the real estate market enables us to make a 360 ° research, thanks to an effective network of contacts with leading professionals (estate agents, administrators, builders etc.) and our private customers with whom we have built a positive and long-term business relationship.
  • We view personally the selected properties following your instructions. We prepare a fully-detailed report for each property which consist in photos, videos, a full description of the property,neighboring services, state of maintenance, land records and mortgage so that you can make a purchase , being fully aware of the state of the property.
  • After the vision of these reports that most fascinate you and are in compliance with your expectations, we organize site visits to selected properties, depending on your and the owner's availability in a continuous sequence.


  • Having found the right property, we proceed in the different phases of the purchase, with all the professionalism that distinguishes us from time.


If you require it, we can offer a range of services, which will facilitate your entry into your new home:

  • We provide you with the architect, the construction company or the manufacturer if your project requires a building to renovate or build, all in a range of qualified professionals and consolidated by years of close collaboration.
  • We provide you with assistance in the subscription of services such as electricity, water, gas, insurance, surveillance systems etc.
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